Providing Surgical Efficiencies AND Mitigation of OR Delays

As facilities struggle with the processing of loaner/consignment instrumentation (more complex and higher volumes), sterile processing departments require a better solution.

OEM’s challenge today and in the future, is meeting supply chain needs of the facilities and surgeons across the United States. 

In additions to the above challenges, the transition of Total Knee and Total Hip (TKA and THA) procedures from the Hospital to the ASC requires a more efficient solution.

The answer is simple, ONE TRAY®. The ONE TRAY® technology addresses these challenges. It is a solution today for OEMs and other facilities.

ONE TRAY® maximizes surgical volume  by partnering with EZ-TRAX™ surgical customization trays.

With 3 reconfigured levels of OEM instrumentation used in ONE TRAY® containers, less instrumentation is needed at a facility.  Fewer loaner sets are require supplementing the same case load, so supply chain is immediately improved.

Key benefits of using ONE TRAY®:

  • Mitigate wet packs or torn wraps, thus reducing delays
  • Approximately 75% less time to sterilize door close to door open
  • Higher surgical volume can be achieved
  • Less down time overall due to last minute problems

Utilizing ONE TRAY® containers reduces your reprocessing time.