ONE TRAY® in conjunction with EZ-TRAX™  is the winning combinations for OEMs

Most of the traditional OEM Total Knee and Total Hip sets (TKA / THA) will reconfigure into just 3 ONE TRAY®/EZ-TRAX™ configurations. 

The blueprint of this configuration (ONE TRAY® with EZ-TRAX™) focuses on:

  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Cost Savings

Re-configuring OEM TKA and THA sets into the 3 ONE TRAY®/EZ-TRAX™ Universal sets saves a facility between $150 and $300 each case by reducing the total number of trays processed for each procedure!

  • With ONE TRAY® and EZ-TRAX™, the containers are opened in the surgical suite negating scrub techs from managing OEM outer containers and up to 11 levels of instrumentation (1 OR table vs. 2)
  • The EZ-TRAX™ reconfiguration is focused on simplicity, 5-7 minutes are saved in BOTH case set up and tear down adding the potential for extra cases to be completed without additional resources.
  • With 3 levels of OEM instrumentation, cleaning and decontamination becomes more efficient. Traditional OEM systems of 5-7 trays and 6-11 levels creates choke points in decontamination processing. This is especially important where “washers” are in high demand (ASCs). Two of our TJA systems can fit in one washer versus a fraction of a single set of OEM instrumentation and cases. Note that each wash cycle is approximately 45 minutes.