ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Containers deliver reprocessing capability of medical devices which improves the utilization of medical devices. ONE TRAY®  helps to mitigate surgical delays and cancellations so patients can have their surgery in a  timely manner.

The ONE TRAY® is 510(k)-cleared (K052567) to sterilize medical devices with a validated 48-hour storage/shelf life.  

ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Containers are intended to be used to hold temperature tolerant medical devices during steam sterilization cycles. The containers provides for the safe transport and assured delivery of the enclosed devices in a sealed container with a validated storage period of 48 hours.

The patented ONE TRAY® design takes advantage of the thermodynamic behavior of steam to efficiently and expeditiously attain sterility within a sealed container.

The number, relative size and positioning of our filtered vent configuration creates a flow pattern that assures the expeditious and complete dispersal of saturated steam throughout the container.  The patented ONE TRAY® design has the following features and performance benefits:

This illustrates how the tray design and our patented staggered vent placement allows steam to reach lateral edges quickly with efficient airflow.
  1. Single intake vent with dual exhaust vents creates extremely effective vapor exchange performance
  2. Patented design uses thermodynamics to dispense steam throughout the container
  3. Raised deck plate eliminates contact between instrumentation and collection area
  4. Collection Area for retained moisture


Surgical facilities are experiencing unprecedented demands to improve costs controls and improved efficiencies. Yet, many facilities are wasting money on archaic practices and redundant infrastructure, because they don’t have effective solutions for improving the reprocessing of medical devices.

The challenge is managing medical devices in coordination with the surgical case load within a rapidly changing environment, especially where emergency and add on cases are common.

The reprocessing performance of ONE TRAY® has the following features:

  • Reduces the negative impact of “Cool Spots,” providing the ability for steam to quickly get out to the corners of the tray.
  • The innovative SterObex sealed design provides for sterility maintenance.
  • One Standard of Care providing sterilization with safe transport and delivery of medical devices with a validated storage period of 48 hours.
  • Saves real dollars on loaner and consignment trays vs. sterile wrapping.
  • Reduces the need for Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS).

ONE TRAY® is FDA 510(k) cleared (K052567) to sterilize medical devices with a validated 48-hr storage/shelf life.


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