It’s never too early to prepare for a survey. Did you know that you can reach out to the manufacturer of a product in question before, OR DURING a survey?

Preparation for a survey/inspection should be an ongoing task as well as managing and keeping up with required documentation. A key point that is often missed is that you do not have to do this by yourself. Manufacturers can help you with being prepared, whether it is providing a subject matter expert or guiding you on the uses and applications of their product. A bonus can be when a manufacturer has a seasoned and experienced clinical professional who can assist you with your preparation on a particular product.  Consult with the manufacturer and inquire as to whether this service is available.

In our recent blog article, we discuss how “the sterile processing area is the one location above all others where inspectors, surveyors, and consultants that have no experience or knowledge are permitted to express their “opinions”; the sterile processing staff is often told by the administration not to push back; administrators ignore the in-house experienced staff that they count on every day except when a consultant, surveyor or inspector is on site.” If you feel uncomfortable regarding a survey or inspection that involves the ONE TRAY® technology, we can help be your voice.

Here at ONE TRAY® we have an in-house VP of Clinical Services who is a past surveyor of 25 years and can assist with your preparation for a survey, speak live to your surveyor during a survey (or mock survey), and provide guidance on answering citations or deficiencies that were noted during your survey.  ONE TRAY® has you covered prior to, during, and after a survey.  It is part of our value-added service that most manufacturers cannot provide.

The ONE TRAY® technology is innovative, so it naturally comes with questions or sometimes an extra level of understanding. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

If you would like assistance in preparing for a survey or would like support regarding the ONE TRAY® technology, (before, during, or after a survey), please contact:

Barbara Ann Harmer, MHA, BSN, RN

Vice President of Clinical Services



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