The Total Solution System

The Total Solution (ONE TRAY®, EZ-TRAX™ and ONE CART™), is a comprehensive system designed to meet the challenges faced by OEMs and healthcare facilities due to excessive cost, disconnect in instrument delivery and processing of instrumentation. By streamlining those challenges, reprocessing faster, and condensing complex sets of instruments, this system transforms the way trays are processed and delivered in both ASCs and hospitals. 


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The time savings generated by this system can add up to multiple hours saved, (like in this example) enabling healthcare professionals to perform more surgeries in less time, with less trays. The Total Solution allows you to consolidate the traditional 7-8 trays down to approximately 2-3 per case. 

This advancement is particularly valuable for ASCs, where time, efficiency, and space is critical. The Total Solution is the answer to improving efficiencies for instrument sterilization, organization and transportation.

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