EZ-TRAX™ is medical device layout customization system that “Reorganizes Surgery” in the way orthopedic sets are delivered. Designed with a unique modular concept, EZ-TRAX™ empowers OEMs, facilities, and staff to make modifications easily, resulting in less instrumentation, less trays and significant time and cost savings. No more expensive modifications and rework whenever a small change is required. All components of EZ-TRAX™ are proudly manufactured in the USA, significantly reducing manufacturing timelines.

EZ-TRAX™ allows you to streamline your orthopedic sets by taking the traditional 7-tray configuration down to approximately 2-3 trays. This reduction immediately benefits:


  • Allows for custom collaboration with your surgeon
  • Condense complex sets of instruments
  • Significant savings in shipping
  • Reduces the number of trays needed per case
  • Shorter manufacturing lead time
  • Modularity instead of costly redesigns
  • Unique validated sets in exact configurations


  • Less instrument trays to set up and process
  • Only one washer cycle and one back table needed
  • Reduced need for loaner instruments (space savings)
  • QR code scanning for precise set layout accuracy
  • Efficiency gains in OR setup and tear down


  • Customized instrument layouts tailored to preferences
  • Rapid room turnover for increased efficiency
  • More cases per day
  • Time savings during procedures

Each EZ-TRAX™ set features a customer-configurable QR code that can include surgeon-specific preference cards, pictures of EZ-TRAX™ layouts, cleaning instructions, technique guides, IFUs, and any personalized or custom notes required. This comprehensive QR code system provides quick access to essential data, which can be tailored to the specific needs of each facility and surgeon.

Upgrade your orthopedic set organization with EZ-TRAX™ and unlock a new level of efficiency, customization, and cost-effectiveness.

Follow the EZ-TRAX™ IFU for use.

Photo: For set representation only. IST has no affiliation with the manufacturer.