The ONE TRAY® Rigid Sterilization Container is the ultimate solution for efficient instrument reprocessing by drastically reducing processing time compared to conventional methods. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this sealed sterilization container offers a more cost-effective method for sterilization of medical devices. Save time and money across multiple departments within your facility while enjoying fluid surgery schedules and avoiding the hassles of sterile wrap tears and wet packs.

ONE TRAY® is meticulously built and engineered to minimize dents, nicks, and other damages. Crafted from premium anodized aluminum and stainless steel materials, our rigid container consists of a base, lid, filter covers, and deck plate that ensure durability and longevity.

Featuring our innovative Compression Force Cam Locking design and our patented SterObex™ filter covers, the ONE TRAY® offers an optimal lid to base interface. This advanced locking mechanism guarantees a secure seal, effectively protecting the sterility of your instruments during transportation and storage.

How does the ONE TRAY® work?

• It’s thermodynamic design optimizes the dispensation of steam throughout the container. By utilizing the principles of thermodynamics, our container ensures efficient and uniform steam distribution, leaving no room for sterilization inconsistencies.

• The staggered vent placement of the ONE TRAY® allows steam to rapidly reach the lateral edges of the container. With a single intake vent and dual exhaust vents, this innovative design creates an effective vapor exchange system, further enhancing the sterilization process.

Efficient, effective, and economical, the ONE TRAY® Rigid Sterilization Container is the model of instrument reprocessing technology.

Follow the ONE TRAY® IFU for use.