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Misunderstanding in the Marketplace

There are many that have opinions about ONE TRAY® in the marketplace and unfortunately some of them are not true. We have provided a few examples and substantiated the facts below.

Example 1: There are postings on forums talking about what AORN has said or has not said about ONE TRAY®.  See below, the official comment as posted on the AORN nurse link site.  Groups like AORN, AAMI, The Joint Commission etc. will not take a position on any product in the market place.

Example 2: There is confusion in the industry and people in forums are talking about surveyors and The Joint Commission position on the ONE TRAY® and other medical devices.  Per the “TJC”, “The Joint Commission advises organizations to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use, and if the instructions for use are silent or confusing on a particular topic, organizations should contact the manufacturer directly”. Please click here for more details on ONE TRAY®‘s interaction with The Joint Commission.

Example 3: Storing medical devices in moisture in a ONE TRAY®. How long will the moisture remain and where does it go? Energy (temperature, humidity, pressure) breaks the bonds that hold water molecules together thus changing water from a liquid state to a gas state. During performance testing our worst-case amount of retained moisture (5 ounces) vaporized in less than 5 days.