ONE CART™ is the perfect complement to the ONE TRAY® Total Solution for High Efficiency Surgical Workflow. Designed as a sealed case cart, ONE CART™ positively impacts the delivery of sterile and/or contaminated instrumentation, offering tremendous benefits to hospitals, ASCs, and Off-Site Sterilization Centers. Its tall and skinny design allows for effortless navigation through narrow hallways, and with a smaller footprint compared to traditional case carts, it maximizes valuable space in your facility. The sealed ONE TRAY® cases housed within the ONE CART™ enable efficient transport and storage of instruments, streamlining the movement between the SPD and the OR.

One of the standout features of ONE CART™ is its window, which allows you to visually identify the sets inside without the need to break the seal. It also features adjustable shelves allowing you to customize the interior layout to meet your specific case needs.

With its space-saving design, sealed transportation capabilities, and the convenience of the window feature, ONE CART™ is a perfect solution for efficient instrument transportation.

Follow the ONE-CART™ IFU for use.