In the world of sterile processing, efficiency and cost savings are paramount. Innovative Sterilization Technologies (IST), a company known for its innovative solutions, is at the forefront of revolutionizing how care is delivered. With their range of products, including ONE TRAY®, EZ-TRAX™ and ONE CART™, ONE TRAY®/IST has already made significant strides in improving instrument sterilization, organization and transportation. ONE CART™, the latest addition to the product line, is a sealed case cart designed to enhance transportation efficiency. In an interview with Scott Cohen, founder and CEO of ONE TRAY®/IST, he discusses the inspiration behind ONE CART™ and The Total Solution system’s potential to transform the industry.

Addressing Inefficiencies in Sterile Processing

A former nurse/ortho rep turned entrepreneur, Scott recognized the disconnect between instrument delivery from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to hospitals and the subsequent handling of instruments within healthcare facilities. This inefficiency prompted Cohen to envision a better way of streamlining the entire process. ONE TRAY®/IST became focused on creating a more efficient and cost-effective delivery method for instrumentation, ultimately leading to the development of their flagship product, ONE TRAY®.

Efficiency for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)

Anticipating the growing trend of surgeries moving from acute hospital settings to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), ONE TRAY®/IST proactively designed their products to cater to this shift. ASCs face unique challenges, such as limited space and the need for fast instrument turnover. ONE TRAY®and EZ-TRAX™ were specifically developed to address these concerns.

ONE TRAY® drastically reduces processing time compared to conventional methods. EZ-TRAX™, on the other hand, condenses complex sets of instruments, reducing the number of trays from seven to approximately three. This consolidation not only saves space but also cuts processing costs by over 65%. The intuitive design allows OR/Scrub Techs to access the necessary instruments quickly and eliminates the need for multiple back tables.

Unique Validation

The validation process for these sets is highly unique and allows ONE TRAY®/IST to obtain FDA clearances for specific configurations, which is crucial for OEMs. OEMs must provide validated sets in the exact configuration, and they cannot make any further changes. However, if a smaller configuration is desired, our EZ-TRAX™ system has been thoroughly validated to accommodate such variations. This means that validation can be adjusted at the hospital level, allowing for customization in collaboration with surgeons.

Introducing One Cart: Redefining Instrument Transportation

Recognizing the increasing need for off-site sterilization and the demand for space in ASCs, ONE TRAY®/IST developed ONE CART™ for efficient instrument transportation. ONE CART™’s unique design optimizes space by reducing its footprint and also features adjustable shelves and a window to easily identify sets inside without opening the door.

The sealed ONE TRAY® cases within the sealed ONE CART™ enable efficient transport and storage of instruments back and forth from the SPD to the OR, and particularly for off-site sterilization. The case cart features a window allowing visual identification of sets without opening the door. ONE TRAY®/IST has meticulously studied transportation requirements for all their trays, ensuring the utmost efficiency and safety during transit.

The Impact on Efficiency and Patient Care

The integration of The Total Solution (ONE TRAY®, EZ-TRAX™ and ONE CART™), creates a comprehensive system that positively impacts efficiency, cost savings, and patient care. The time savings generated by ONE TRAY®/IST’s products can add up to multiple hours saved at the end of the day, enabling healthcare professionals to perform more surgeries in less time, with less trays. This advancement is particularly valuable for ASCs, where time, efficiency, and space is critical.


ONE TRAY®/IST’s commitment to improving the sterile processing industry is evident through their innovative products. The Total Solution provides a holistic solution to the challenges faced by OEMs and healthcare facilities due to excessive cost, disconnect in instrument delivery and processing of instrumentation. By streamlining those challenges, ONE TRAY®/IST is transforming the way trays are processed and delivered in both ASCs and hospitals. With their dedication to efficiency and cost savings, ONE TRAY®/IST continues to make a significant impact in the complex world of sterile processing.

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