The cost of orthopedic implants has been on a steep descent, dropping by a whopping 60% from 2010 to 2023. This significant price reduction has left many in the healthcare industry wondering how much further these prices will plummet.

In the meantime, “Orthopedic Companies have increased the rate of “turns” (or “uses”) required for a rep to keep a set of instruments” explained veteran Medical Device salesperson Mark Copeland at a recent HSPA meeting in Harrisburg, PA. “In 2012, when a prosthesis cost was $9,500, a hospital or rep could keep a set of instruments from the manufacturer to support cases, provided the set was used 4 times a month. However, with prosthesis prices now averaging around $3,500, Big Ortho requires 6-8 turns a month for those same instruments before allowing a facility to keep the set onsite.”

Copeland continued, “This increase in ‘turn requirements’ has stressed the ecosystem and forced reps to football sets from account to account, or use company-supported Loaner sets delivered via FedEx or courier. It’s a logistical nightmare for reps, hospitals, ASCs, ORs and Sterile Processing Departments.  It has added significant costs and manpower requirements to SPD departments.”

In the pursuit of cost savings, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are constantly seeking ways to cut expenses. However, when it comes to total joint procedures, it’s not just about demanding discounts from suppliers. There are innovative solutions available that can help both healthcare providers and suppliers achieve mutual savings while maintaining the quality of patient care.

The next Request for Proposal (RFP) could be just around the corner, and while negotiating better implant prices is a part of the equation, there are other substantial ways to save money on total joint procedures without relying solely on discounts.

Taking Control with EZ-TRAX®

One such innovative solution is EZ-TRAX®, a modular instrument organizational system that empowers healthcare facilities to take control of their instrument management. EZ-TRAX® enables the migration of every instrument within a surgical set into a set of three EZ-TRAX® trays, creating a more efficient and cost-effective instrument management system. Imagine having all the instruments you need, neatly organized and easily accessible, all within a single-level EZ-TRAX®.

The benefits of implementing EZ-TRAX® go beyond convenience and organization. Saving hundreds per joint procedure, on average, facilities that adopt EZ-TRAX® can expect to save an approximate $100,000 annually on reprocessing costs alone. For an even broader financial impact, adopting EZ-TRAX® can save your facility $500,000 or more each year overall. These savings directly affect your facility’s profitability and ability to provide top-quality care to your patients.

Turbocharging Turnaround Time with ONE TRAY®

Beyond the direct savings, ONE TRAY® can significantly enhance the efficiency of your surgical procedures. By consolidating instruments into EZ-TRAX® and then using the ONE TRAY® sterilization container as the sterilization vehicle, you can turbocharge your turnaround time. This means reducing the common issues of missing instruments, wet packs, and expensive delays in the operating room all while reprocessing instrumentation in a fraction of the time it takes sterile wrap and other rigid containers.

Most facilities experience a two-hour delay for cases if they don’t have redundant instrument sets readily available. With EZ-TRAX® and ONE TRAY®, you can prevent these delays and save your facility approximately $400,000 annually in stalled OR time by avoiding just one delay per week. That’s substantial cost savings that go directly to your bottom line while also improving patient care and satisfaction.

Incorporating this innovative solution allows you to keep your implant prices where they belong. It’s a way to work smarter, not just harder, in the healthcare industry. You can provide cost-effective patient care without compromising quality or safety.

The Simple Steps to Success

Getting started with EZ-TRAX® is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through the process.
  2. Schedule a 15-Minute Demo: Learn more about how EZ-TRAX® can transform your instrument management system and streamline your procedures.
  3. Connect Us with Your Director of Surgical Services: We’ll work closely with your surgical services team to ensure a seamless transition to this innovative solution.

The best part is, you don’t have to spend anything to start saving. EZ-TRAX® offers an opportunity for healthcare facilities to gain a competitive edge without incurring significant costs. By implementing this system, you can bask in the glow of being better than your competitors while improving patient care, enhancing efficiency, and saving your facility substantial money.

In an era of declining implant prices, it’s time to take control of your instrument management with EZ-TRAX®. This innovative solution can help hospitals and ASCs achieve substantial savings while maintaining the highest standards of care. Don’t wait for the next RFP to knock on your door; take control and improve your facility’s bottom line today.

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