“The ONE TRAY® and EZ-TRAX™ system has allowed our surgeons to use only what is needed during the case due to the modularity of the tray. The system is specifically designed to meet the surgeons needs and we went from 7 trays to 3 on our cases. ONE TRAY® is not just for orthopedics, it can be used for neuro or any specialty, is easy to use and only takes 23 minutes for a sterile tray. Over a decade ago, I remember having my vendors, now my friends, come to my office and introduce ONE TRAY®. I immediately thought, NO WAY! I pulled out my AAMI bible and started throwing every standard at them. After about an hour of basing my decision on feelings, not facts or science. I listened. I asked a lot of questions, and I agreed to try it. The BEST choice I ever made. I purchased over 360 ONE TRAY®s and have been an avid supporter and user. I can’t get that hour back, right? Wrong. I have gotten hundreds of hours back utilizing ONE TRAY®. I cannot ever imaging boing back. Who would? The ROI is impressive with over 50k saved in 1 facility. The filters are hydrophobic so nothing is getting in or out. The water is sterile, so I never have to worry about growth or bacteria and the OR staff is thrilled to have the ability to reduce back table use. I will forever be a user and continued supporter of the ONE TRAY® product line.”

– Kristina Pirollo, Interim SPD Manager, Virginia

“All in all, my experience with ONE TRAY® has been extremely positive. I highly recommend the ONE TRAY® system to any facilities who are looking to become more efficient and maximize the surgical schedules.  It has made my life as a surgeon much easier and less stressful. The vendors I use for loaner trays love the ONE TRAY® system as well because they no longer need to bring in extra sets in case there is an issue with Blue Wrap or anything else.”

– Robert C. Marchand, M.D.

We initiated a plan to bring a new level of processing efficiency to the Central Sterile Processing Department at Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, NJ. I attended the IAHSCMM Conference in Columbus, Ohio and was introduced to an innovative new product, the ONE TRAY® sterilization container. I clearly saw how this new technology could transform how we process surgical instrumentation and these new containers became another “cornerstone” of our efficiency enhancement program! We are routinely utilizing ONE TRAY® containers in the following areas:

  • We process close to 100 vendor trays on a daily basis and these containers have reduced our processing times by approximately 60% and eliminated both torn wrappers and wet packs in our operating rooms.
  • Many of our service lines have days with multiple, repetitive cases and these containers have allowed us to keep pace with the flow of cases and reduce our investments in additional back-up instrumentation. We can accomplish more….with less!
  • We have been able to virtually eliminate all IUSS events at our hospital with the use of ONE TRAY® containers because the turn-around time is very quick and the processed instrumentation is sterile. We are well on our way to having a highly efficient Central Sterile Processing Department that can effectively support the growing surgical volumes at Morristown Medical Center. Both the coordination of resources to restructure our department and the introduction of innovative technologies, such as ONE TRAY®, have played an important role in our success!

Respectfully Submitted –

John Meggs, MSC., CRCST

Coordinator – Central Sterile Processing

“The ONE TRAY® container is easy to assemble and use. Training of staff to the new technology is on-going. A change in previous practice, such as the presence of moisture and no dry times, can be difficult to accept at first. With the use of ONE TRAY® for the past several weeks, many staff have conformed very well. Some staff members may take a little longer, but with daily reinforcement of information, the studies, continuous use of ONE TRAY®, and demonstrating daily that ONE TRAY® will consistently perform as indicated, this provides the reassurance needed. All instrument sets processed in ONE TRAY® will be sterile for their cases while preventing delays and cancellations. This builds and solidifies their trust in the technology, and will shift the previous mindset and beliefs regarding moisture. Changes in workflow, improved efficiency, and decreasing frustrations with sterile wrap will definitely reinforce to the staff that ONE TRAY®, the only truly sealed sterilization tray on the market, is very different, more cost effective, and decreases risks to our patients, allowing us to provide the best care possible.”

-Sue Krixer, RN, CNOR


Bethesda Chevy Chase Surgery Center, Bethesda Maryland

“Here at Cincinnati Childrens, we now have the ability to process a large number of trays in a small amount of time thanks to ONE TRAY®. We’re cutting out a significant amount of sterilization and dry time. The ONE TRAY® system’s rigid design also eliminates the package integrity issue completely because the trays are no longer being wrapped. I recently had a scrub nurse stop me and tell me how much she loves the ONE TRAY® and that she trusts the system. Surgeons at Cincinnati Children’s are satisfied with the new system and have a higher degree of comfort now that the issue of package integrity has gone to the wayside. They also like the fact that they are able to start cases on time with no defects in the integrity of the packaging of the trays. The ONE TRAY® system is a worthwhile investment and that is true in more ways than one.”

-Matt Tewksbury

Director of sterile processing and distribution, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital