Kicking off CS week 2020, we are highlighting an SPD superhero: Seherzada Prasko (Dada).

Dada’s enthusiasm for Sterile Processing matches her love of continuing education. She is conscientious, humble and is a great example of the type of person you want to work with everyday.



Seherzada Prasko – Dada

Supervisor Sterile processing department

Geisinger Holy Spirit Hospital

Years in Sterile Processing: 12 years and 3 months


What’s your story of how you got into Sterile Processing?

After moving here from Germany in 2005, I got married and stayed home for 2 ½ years with my first son. At that time my father worked in Carlisle Regional Medical Center as a floor technician. In Germany, I worked 5 years for the largest network company in Europe, Vodafone, as sales and marketing person. My strength was always customer service. I wanted to explore my opportunities here in this country and was ready to start the new journey. My husband was in nursing school and on his way to become an RN. He introduced me to the medical field opportunities. My English skills were not as great at the time, and I knew I had to start from ground zero, again. My father asked his boss for the hiring opportunities and he told him I should come and apply.

So, I did. However, when I was talking to HR representatives, they told me about this “other position” that is available, as well. The medical field was a stranger to me, due to zero experience. I was hired as Sterile Processing technician in July of 2008 and started a job I knew nothing about. My father tried to explain to me what it is about. After that, I was under the impression I will put some forceps in some bags and give it to the OR to operate on people. That was the right description of that job, at that time, in many people’s heads.


What is your favorite part of the job?

GI endoscopy

Our Standards

Networking with other SPD professionals

Building teams


What is something you would like people outside of this field to understand about what you do every day?

The importance of this job. The depth of the job. That everything starts and ends with us. The dignity behind the certifications. The science and knowledge that is big part of the job. The tired and exhausted technicians behind every surgery and the role we play in every patient’s life.


What is the most meaningful part of your job?

The knowledge we must have to do our job right, every step at the time, with every thought we spend. Every day is meaningful, every life is important. To live and breath SPD. To do the job with pride and dignity.


If you could be a superhero, what would your power be and why?

The Messenger. Passing the message and bringing the light into the SPD world, with every opportunity I get. I want everyone to start acknowledging us, as the most important professionals in surgical services. I am taking every chance I get to talk about us and how important this job is. My family, my friends, my neighbor’s community, they all are aware, and that is where it starts. Spread that word. Fight and don’t give up. We, each one of us, are responsible to get the message out there.