CS Week Superhero Highlight: Sabrina Sechrist

Sabrina is a fierce advocate of her people and her department. She recognizes the important role Central Sterile Processing takes in her facility, and she takes tremendous pride in answering the phone and solving problems all day long.


Name: Sabrina Sechrist
Role: SPD/ORMM Manager
Facility Name: PennState Health Milton S Hershey Medical Center
How many years you’ve been in Sterile Processing? 12 

What’s your story of how you got into Sterile Processing?
I was working at the hospital as a CNA when a Sterile Processing job came up with better pay and better hours for being a single mother. I decided to give it a try knowing nothing about the field. I fell in love with the work and the meaning of the job. Over time I got certified and became one of the first lead techs starting our career ladder. About 5 years into it I was approached by our Director about taking the supervisor position and I thought it was a good move for me and my growing family. Feburary of 2019 SPD took over ORMM as the supervisors moved to a manager role taking on more staff and more responsibilities. Over the years it seems everything with my career took a completely different path I had laid out for myself but, I love every day. 

What is your favorite part of the job? 
No two days are alike. Every time my phone rings I never know what it will bring. I never know what problem I will have to solve. 

What is something you would like people outside of this field to understand about what you do every day?
Most people do not know what sterile processing professionals do. They are talented and very skilled individuals who often feel forgotten about. Just know everytime you visit a hospital, surgery center, or even a dentist you have so many people behind the scene who care about you and your family. They take great pride in what they do. 

What is the most meaningful part of your job?
The most meaningful part of my job is being a leader to a group of people who care about what they do and care about the outcome of each and every patients’ life they have touched. Being a level 1 trauma center they are put to the test each and everyday. 

If you could be a superhero, what would your power be and why?
If I had a superpower I think I would want it to be Xray vision because if I had Xray vision I could save us a lot of time without having to open trays to find missing pieces.